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Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello All!

Another Monday has come and has almost gone...thank God. This weekend was spent at another Cherub's soccer tourn. Semi finals....then home..
I read ,"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I didn't want to like it as I even burn out on hype..I loved it.
To those who have been living under a rock, this book has been #`1 for what seems to be eternity. Now- the first 50 pages may make some go,"WTH????". Stick with it- there is a point. When things start rolling, they really take off. Now- there is a movie out. Friend of mine , from Sweden no doubt, who frankly loves anything that has the word , "Swedish" in it saw the film. She did say it followed the book- horrid scenes at all. My little Book Worshipers....Mother Cheap Girl is terrified of terrorizing scenes. Yes- I know it is all a movie and blah, blah, blah...yet I could barely read the scenes in the book. So descriptive and terrifying..anyhow , would love someone to give a opinion.
Cheap Girl 2 is childless this week- so she is dragging poor me to .....Eclipse...there, I have said it aloud. Honestly people, Twilight is nothing to me. I am a closet True Blood fan. However, after much discussion and the fact I will have fabulous company, I am going....to a Cinnebare theatre...where I can drink the pain away.  For those who have not experienced a Cinnebare theatre let me open your eyes......NO ONE UNDER 21 IS ALLOWED!!! You even order dinner and wine....wine...wine...glittery vampires..(HAHAHAHA) and more wine.
So my Book Angels...what is worse...sitting in a regular theatre with Jr. High girls or sitting in a Cinnebare with....35+ women..who are secretly wishing Eddie would mope and grope about...or that they could pet poor Jakie??

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