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Monday, June 21, 2010


Monday- we are through...I am dumping you quicker than a preteen would dump Edward or that fuzzy fellow Jacob...I have moved on and so should you..you suck and you bring crappy weather.

Well, I am back from child's soccer tourn. I know this backdrop is dreary but so is stupid Washington...this people...is the 1st day of summer and this is what it looks like around here.
I am half way through Girl with Dragon Tattoo (started it before blog) . It is intriguing. Anyone read this yet?

Cheap Girl #2 is reading Thin BLood ...one of the lower priced books from Amazon. Do I have that name right??? Anyways, we have had one book mentioned (John, I am downloading sample as we speak) . If your visiting for 1st time welcome and bring more people into our Cult...I mean group....blog?

Also- this new upgrade from Kindle..has anyone figured out how to do the whole Fbook thing on it?? 

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