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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kindle update 2.5.2

Miss Lisa...AKA Cheap Girl #2...shall we share our utter frustration over this nonsense?? So I call Amazon and lo and behold...they tell me all this upgrading is a ,"work in progress".  Oh pleeeaese...I felt like a child waiting for Santa,,who was never going to show up. Finally- I went to Amazon.com and went to ,"Manage my Kindle" and there was a option to ,"Upgrade manually". My little Kindle Posse...I beg of you to stop waiting the gift that may never come. Take care of it on your own...


  1. Cheap Girl #2 is alive, well and onboard! (Yes, I really do exist and am not some fictional friend made up by Cheap Girl #1) Since we've got our page up and running and our Kindles are updated and running fabulously with Upgrade 2.5.2, we need a book! Whatever shall we decide to give our opinion on? And as Lindsey stated - Do Not Wait for your Kindle upgrade!! I promise you, you can do it yourself. Don't be afraid to live in the now.

  2. Thank god!! I am no longer alone.....well, let's get this going...

  3. Hi Girls,

    I have a book to suggest: The Tourist Trail.
    This book has quite a backstory -- began as an award-winning short story four years ago. Then became a novel, got a great agent, rejected by 30 publishers and now it's up to me to get the word out.

    Please only download the free sample because I've dropped the price to $1.99 and it's not in effect yet.

    Here's an overview of the book:

    Biologist Angela Haynes is accustomed to dark, lonely nights as one of the few humans at a penguin research station in Patagonia. She has grown used to the cries of penguins before dawn, to meager supplies and housing, to spending most of her days in one of the most remote regions on earth. What she isn’t used to is strange men washing ashore, which happens one day on her watch.

    The man won’t tell her his name or where he came from, but Angela, who has a soft spot for strays, tends to him, if for no other reason than to protect her birds and her work. When she later learns why he goes by an alias, why he is a refugee from the law, and why he is a man without a port, she begins to fall in love—and embarks on a journey that takes her deep into Antarctic waters, and even deeper into the emotional territory she thought she’d left behind.

    Against the backdrop of the Southern Ocean, The Tourist Trail weaves together the stories of Angela as well as FBI agent Robert Porter, dispatched on a mission that unearths a past he would rather keep buried; and Ethan Downes, a computer tech whose love for a passionate activist draws him into a dangerous mission.

    Thanks for having a look,

    John Yunker

  4. Hay John- I will be more than happy to read this! Thanks for posting! So is it 1.99 now?? I will download the sample as we speak....oh...and so will Cheap Girl #2:)

  5. John- do not give up hope on us! I am so glad I checked back in. When my Precious Kindle (sign of the cross) died I had your sample loaded on ..I am buying your book ASAP..take care and you will hear from us soon!