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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

News for today

As I patiently wait for Cheap Girl #2 to get signed on (highly embarrassing considering I am the only one on this thing Lisa!!)...looking for books that everyone would like us to review. Go to Amazon..look at the free books...place what you think we should read..We will give a honest review and others are welcome to join.

I have to admit..if they are of the MUSHY level I will try to weather through it...if I can contain  the giggling and snickering......Anyhow, gives us what you would like us to read and we will get going.

As soon as Cheap Girl#2 figures out how to get on this thing we will hopefully begin our one sided..completely opinionated reviews of a couple of popular books.......until then!!


  1. Possibly...give us your suggestions!

  2. do you review poem books, if so the link to my blog I just today created is here http://bradleydanielmartin.blogspot.com/

    I have 2 poem books as well as 1, could be described as a novel, I really don't know. I just write the books, I don't categorize them.