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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freedom- Oprah AKA God

So apparently God herself is foaming at the mouth over the new book ,"freedom". Well, I have read the Corrections, by author I can't remember,  Wasn't bad..however I don't remember anything memorable....so has anyone read this ? Hello! 12 books on My Precious (fyi- only Cheap Girl #2 knows this is my pet name for my Kindle- we are bonding now bloggers!!)

Well, I ran a 5K this morn for my kid's middle school- now look, I know I whine about this godforsaken weather..I dressed somewhat warmly to only have the blazing sun decide to make a hotter than hell appearance...First 2 miles sprinting like the graceful Gazelle I am (in my mind only....frankly, stay out of my mind thankyou very much). Only for the next 1.5 miles to be blazing hot...headache set in...and somehow during the speedy first 2 miles...I did not notice I was running downhill. Well I certianly noticed I was running back uphill! God the torture!

So I hear the gym teacher (on mic- TACKY) announcing every child and adults time with a nickname. I hadn't heard many adults so I was quite happy...however, I broke into near panic as I saw him grab the mic...all I could get out was, "if you say here comes the old broad- I will deck you". Needless to say- he just said the time, in which that is my business so don't ask and left it at that.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!!!

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