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Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaawwdd..this weather!- JA Konrath

Rainy...lousy..Washington weather...When the days were sunnier and I seemed..ummm kinder- I read all the J.A. Konrath books I could get my sunburnt hands on. Seriously folks, this guy is incredible.

He writes about a Detective whose name is Jaqueline Daniels (aka Jack Daniels)..I want to be her when I grow up (which is about 10 years away from her age...but it will come quick). She is tough, vunerable and doesn't screw every eligible bachelor around. There are some gruesome parts that I even whistled a, "whooa Nellie"...there is humor and yes, with every damn single lady book there is a psycho cat. There is not a dull moment in this series..I keep waiting for one to fall flat..hasn't happened. I must say- I read the 1st two and thought,"this gal knows what she speaks of"..only to finally look up J.A. and see he is a man...a man who is writing from a narrative of a 40+ woman.. I read he contributes help from his wife...the woman is a St..I believe he has 3 kids (as do I). Check out his website. He keeps his prices low....there is a reason for this . I believe he was trying to prove you don't need to charge expensive publishing prices to sell your books...I think...who cares- these books are fantastic.!!!!!!!!!!!!

So go to Amazon (free plug- give me a gift card already for Christsakes!) and read, "Whiskey Sour"..if you like mystery and a little humor this is your line of books. If you don't like it..I will let you choke Lisa's (cheap girl #2) stupid little dog Lucifer (I mean Dexter).
Lucifer himself- he stayed with us for a week...I am still shaking in terror..


  1. I was looking at this series as of yet, I have not read it yet. But now I think I must get the first book and give it a try. My favorite series well one of them was Cat and Bones :) Now I am on to Queen Betsy... sorry it took so long for me to write in here...I had to figure out how to leave a comment :)...Looks great and will be swinging by more often.

  2. This blog isn't very user friendly I must say...How funny- I just finished the Queen Betsy series! Lisa and I both found that we had to take a break between as they get slightly repetitive....however- they are silly and just plain fun. Enjoy and let me know what you think:)