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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heelllloooo...Anita Blake

So Cheap Girl 2 and I have taken quite a break. It is time to get back to reviewing (ummm) did we ever start? Anyhow, sadly, I must report Lindsey's Kindle 1 took a nose dive...a week before warranty ran out (thank GOD)..so Amazon shipped a brand new Kindle 2. Now, I did manage to lose most of my samples..but I am digging up new one's.

So with all the soccer tourn I had to endure- I read useless, OMG don't let me get caught with this crap, books. So to begin with, I feel Lisa (AKA Chp girl 2) should help me in reviewing Anita Blake's vampire saga's.

Well! Definetly a step up from Eddie and fuzzy Jacob (gawwwd, I can barely tolerate the movie's with my kids!). There is much more gore, violence, sarcasm and yes, sex. These are ,"we wanna bite and kill you, and we won't leave a scab because we are ripping your throats out" vampires. Pretty entertianing..tends to be dry in some area's....tends to be very descriptive in the sex scenes..not that I have nothing against that but get on with it already.

Here is my confusion. Now, Jean Claude is THE Vampire . Women (and some men) want this guy...cat and mouse game are played between Anita (vampire slayer/zombie raiser)..Here is the description. He is tall, dark and handsome..he has long lovely locks, tight pants with thigh high boots, ,"mother of pearl" buttons on his silk ruffly shirt..can we channel in Seinfeld's puffy shirt????

I just don't get it..Anita is tough, strong, sad, funny and how the hell she doesn' notice that this guy is wearing the same type of clothing since 1700's I don't know. There is a description of her going into a restaurant and seeing His Highness, "white silk shirt, M O pearl buttons on his HIGH collar and cufflings"...Jesus help me I believe the adjective, "billowing" was used. Lisa and I have spent many a nights drinking cheap wine and HOWLING over this...just cracks us up. There is a werewolf who is brooding, big , dark and frankly manly..anyone see a trend? Vampire's = Metro sexuals...Werewolves= Dirty Manly Men - aka Alicide (Trueblood)....sigh....wait! Back to the book. Anyhow, discussions are welcome.


  1. I have read oh I guess about 7 Anita Blake Books and at first they were really good but then they just started turning into sex books Menage a trois's and Anita went from someone picky about sleeping with people into a hormonal tramp :) dont get me wrong I like a good sex scene but the author is just going overboard!

    Another Author whose books I sometimes Liked and most times loved lol was the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series) by JR Ward...the names of the Vampires was somewhat silly...but that is ok still enjoyed most of those books.

  2. I am loving your recommendations! I am going to look at Cat and Bones 1st..I just finished #9 of Anita...took me 4 months as I had to keep taking breaks from it...I am finding the author is making the reader (Moi) less shocked and more uncomfortable. I have read the reviews for #10 and the biggest complaint is the sex..overboard! Now #9 was the LEAST sexual I have read yet....however, the violence and scenes of child abuse was so overboard I had to put it down...I have seen BDB...honestly- the covers of some of these books! AHAHAHA!

    FYI- in this #9 of Anita, Jean Claude (hope your sitting, this was too hysterical) comes to Miss Anita in a dream...wearing..white silken pants and shirt(billowy I have no doubt) with those stupid M O Pearl buttons...with gold brocade....wow...hot.

  3. :) I absolutely cracked up sometimes on what Jean Claude would end up wearing sometimes. Sorry been on vacation for a few days :) Oh Love Cat and Bones and cant not wait till Spring of next year for the next book in the series lol...and On the BDB covers I know what you mean. the names for some of them were Wraith, Phury, Payne, Vishous, you get my drift lol...and they did like to use street jargon a little to much but overall I still enjoyed the series, some books were a little to slow or just boring, but I really felt I needed to read them all in case one story went into another one! Another series that was good was Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. Very good one too...My favorite Genre is Paranormal but I find myself reading lots of YA right now.