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Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh joy! More rain....and Hunger Games

Well, shockingly it is raining here in Washington....I went ahead and started the #10 Anita Blake book- as I was hoping it was better than #9. Well, Anita needs a 900 number in this one...it's so over the top...body part here- heavy breathing here...stupidity there. Oh of course ..Jean Claude in a silk robe with fur cuffed wrists...again..hot. Ah well- looking forward to finishing it up.

I have a great friend who is a manager at a bookstore. She tends to read alot of YAdult books. She got me on Hunger Games..anyone else read this?? Fantastic!!! I just got the 3rd one- is it worthy of reading??? Do tell.. ..

I found Hunger Games fairly adult..it reminded me of Stephen King when he used a penname and wrote,"Running Man"- (fyi- nothing like that dumbass movie with Ca. Govener, wth???). End of time, blah,blah- there are districts and everyone is sufferring.  The richjust keep getting  richer. There is a gameshow in which kids - under 18 I believe- compete in a man controlled arena till the death. Author is Suzanne Collins. Could not put it down. If you have read it- love to hear what you think of it.

Also post books you have enjoyed- especially the one's by new writer..self promotion is welcomed here so don't be shy. 

Hopefully Cheap Girl #2 will be joining us soon..until then- 4 days till friday! :)


  1. I have not read the Hunger Games yet but via the Amazon forum for Kindle I have seen many people saying great things about it. I just recently got into YA books which is really great. I find that a lot of indie authors are writing some wonderful YA books and at great prices. One of them is the Portal Chronicles...I was shockingly thrilled with it. It is written by Imogen Rose. Another great read was Chance for Charity by S. L. Buam..this one was more paranormal YA which was great...

  2. I downloaded Portal Chronicles a while ago...so it's good huh? I should try it...Hunger Games..FANTASTIC!! 2nd one even better. Let me know what you think:)