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Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh joy! More rain....and Hunger Games

Well, shockingly it is raining here in Washington....I went ahead and started the #10 Anita Blake book- as I was hoping it was better than #9. Well, Anita needs a 900 number in this one...it's so over the top...body part here- heavy breathing here...stupidity there. Oh of course ..Jean Claude in a silk robe with fur cuffed wrists...again..hot. Ah well- looking forward to finishing it up.

I have a great friend who is a manager at a bookstore. She tends to read alot of YAdult books. She got me on Hunger Games..anyone else read this?? Fantastic!!! I just got the 3rd one- is it worthy of reading??? Do tell.. ..

I found Hunger Games fairly adult..it reminded me of Stephen King when he used a penname and wrote,"Running Man"- (fyi- nothing like that dumbass movie with Ca. Govener, wth???). End of time, blah,blah- there are districts and everyone is sufferring.  The richjust keep getting  richer. There is a gameshow in which kids - under 18 I believe- compete in a man controlled arena till the death. Author is Suzanne Collins. Could not put it down. If you have read it- love to hear what you think of it.

Also post books you have enjoyed- especially the one's by new writer..self promotion is welcomed here so don't be shy. 

Hopefully Cheap Girl #2 will be joining us soon..until then- 4 days till friday! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freedom- Oprah AKA God

So apparently God herself is foaming at the mouth over the new book ,"freedom". Well, I have read the Corrections, by author I can't remember,  Wasn't bad..however I don't remember anything memorable....so has anyone read this ? Hello! 12 books on My Precious (fyi- only Cheap Girl #2 knows this is my pet name for my Kindle- we are bonding now bloggers!!)

Well, I ran a 5K this morn for my kid's middle school- now look, I know I whine about this godforsaken weather..I dressed somewhat warmly to only have the blazing sun decide to make a hotter than hell appearance...First 2 miles sprinting like the graceful Gazelle I am (in my mind only....frankly, stay out of my mind thankyou very much). Only for the next 1.5 miles to be blazing hot...headache set in...and somehow during the speedy first 2 miles...I did not notice I was running downhill. Well I certianly noticed I was running back uphill! God the torture!

So I hear the gym teacher (on mic- TACKY) announcing every child and adults time with a nickname. I hadn't heard many adults so I was quite happy...however, I broke into near panic as I saw him grab the mic...all I could get out was, "if you say here comes the old broad- I will deck you". Needless to say- he just said the time, in which that is my business so don't ask and left it at that.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaawwdd..this weather!- JA Konrath

Rainy...lousy..Washington weather...When the days were sunnier and I seemed..ummm kinder- I read all the J.A. Konrath books I could get my sunburnt hands on. Seriously folks, this guy is incredible.

He writes about a Detective whose name is Jaqueline Daniels (aka Jack Daniels)..I want to be her when I grow up (which is about 10 years away from her age...but it will come quick). She is tough, vunerable and doesn't screw every eligible bachelor around. There are some gruesome parts that I even whistled a, "whooa Nellie"...there is humor and yes, with every damn single lady book there is a psycho cat. There is not a dull moment in this series..I keep waiting for one to fall flat..hasn't happened. I must say- I read the 1st two and thought,"this gal knows what she speaks of"..only to finally look up J.A. and see he is a man...a man who is writing from a narrative of a 40+ woman.. I read he contributes help from his wife...the woman is a St..I believe he has 3 kids (as do I). Check out his website. He keeps his prices low....there is a reason for this . I believe he was trying to prove you don't need to charge expensive publishing prices to sell your books...I think...who cares- these books are fantastic.!!!!!!!!!!!!

So go to Amazon (free plug- give me a gift card already for Christsakes!) and read, "Whiskey Sour"..if you like mystery and a little humor this is your line of books. If you don't like it..I will let you choke Lisa's (cheap girl #2) stupid little dog Lucifer (I mean Dexter).
Lucifer himself- he stayed with us for a week...I am still shaking in terror..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heelllloooo...Anita Blake

So Cheap Girl 2 and I have taken quite a break. It is time to get back to reviewing (ummm) did we ever start? Anyhow, sadly, I must report Lindsey's Kindle 1 took a nose dive...a week before warranty ran out (thank GOD)..so Amazon shipped a brand new Kindle 2. Now, I did manage to lose most of my samples..but I am digging up new one's.

So with all the soccer tourn I had to endure- I read useless, OMG don't let me get caught with this crap, books. So to begin with, I feel Lisa (AKA Chp girl 2) should help me in reviewing Anita Blake's vampire saga's.

Well! Definetly a step up from Eddie and fuzzy Jacob (gawwwd, I can barely tolerate the movie's with my kids!). There is much more gore, violence, sarcasm and yes, sex. These are ,"we wanna bite and kill you, and we won't leave a scab because we are ripping your throats out" vampires. Pretty entertianing..tends to be dry in some area's....tends to be very descriptive in the sex scenes..not that I have nothing against that but get on with it already.

Here is my confusion. Now, Jean Claude is THE Vampire . Women (and some men) want this guy...cat and mouse game are played between Anita (vampire slayer/zombie raiser)..Here is the description. He is tall, dark and handsome..he has long lovely locks, tight pants with thigh high boots, ,"mother of pearl" buttons on his silk ruffly shirt..can we channel in Seinfeld's puffy shirt????

I just don't get it..Anita is tough, strong, sad, funny and how the hell she doesn' notice that this guy is wearing the same type of clothing since 1700's I don't know. There is a description of her going into a restaurant and seeing His Highness, "white silk shirt, M O pearl buttons on his HIGH collar and cufflings"...Jesus help me I believe the adjective, "billowing" was used. Lisa and I have spent many a nights drinking cheap wine and HOWLING over this...just cracks us up. There is a werewolf who is brooding, big , dark and frankly manly..anyone see a trend? Vampire's = Metro sexuals...Werewolves= Dirty Manly Men - aka Alicide (Trueblood)....sigh....wait! Back to the book. Anyhow, discussions are welcome.