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Friday, December 16, 2011

I am trying...I am ....Xmas is coming and stress is on....I can't be the only sourpuss can I??

The cat looks victimized......

Well, even though I suffer through this...season of forced joy...I am here with 2 books to review....

Creepy cover...CREEPY!!!!!!!
So here we go....... First book is WIDOWMAKER by Cristyn West and Elena Grey......The book revolves around a film called Terror in the Tree's...kind of a Sundance Film Festival of Horror...People are coming out of theatre bleeding...parts missing..gross descriptions that's all I can say....

A FBI guy Derek Boulder, is working the case. His ex fiance is Jill Conner , a PR gal for film production. She basically is responsible for making movie folks feel more entitled then they already are.....

Last time our main characters met up - was when Jill ran off from wedding a few years previously. So for all you smutty romantics out there , the book has the tension that you all enjoy...with out the irritating swashbuckling pirate ...who tries to swash the heroine out of her buckle...

The gore is gory for all you sickos...the dialogue is catchy and keeps you interested. Again...book snobs...this is a fun read...FUN..remember when reading was fun???!!!!! There are monsters...villains..(seriously weird ones)..and sit down..THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE...IT'S NOT REALISTIC...beat you to it you English Garden pains in the ......where was I?

Book is high paced...the anxious characters are high strung..villains are nutty...and snotty women make you want to hiss and say..." Byiatch...plzzzz...."...

So call your annoying relatives...claim near death disease and LOAD UP the kindle or whatever impostor of kindle your using...and start reading...lights on people.


I know...I didn't know what to think either...stick with it...

Book number two...........

FULL BODY CONTACT...now...Book Cover Queen that I claim to be...the cover was a bit of a turn off...I was concerned that this was some sort of ,"toss em in the cage and see what happens!!"..This book is by the same authors as WIDOWMAKER..and I thought it was FAANTASTIC.

Gentleman on cover is a Travis Dekker ..a MMA fighter. Which I could tell you I know what the hell that is but I would be lying...I don't...but it is some sort of martial arts, fighting sport..Frankly, anything past kicking a ball or running in a straight line with nun's reffing the game..I just don't get...no way in hell would Sr. Joanne have reffed this...she would have been one of the fighters!! I didn't say that ...I didn't....Back to story....This Travis fellow has a record of criminal activity..there have been some bodies found that he happens to have some sort of affiliation with...

In comes Alexis Reed, detective..her Dad was former police chief so she already has a tough time at work...
She goes undercover and takes lessons from this Dekker fellow..Honestly, I had a hard time liking him...he was sort of scary and BOSSY...and FireDaddy will tell you...I can't do bossy...Byiatch..plzzzzz. However, Alexis is somewhat attracted in a ," He's hot, but I may die" kind of way.

I liked this book for two reasons. Those who know me , know I can not take smoochy books...that's right...back to swashbuckling pirates..thigh high boot wearing vampires (Anita..I know you can hear me) I scream and say, "Eeeewww...snort ..snort"...This book was not like that. Dialogue was less than friendly and not many compliments were given between the characters..Surrounding characters were cops and bad guys..and they fit in with the story well...

Second reason I liked this book...Alexis got her ass kicked!! That's right...My fear was she would come into the lesson and be some sort of She-Ra that can kick ass and not smear her eyeliner...she was bruised , battered and soooore...how great was that??

So for you prude's out there...there was one big sex scene..that I did snort once..not because it wasnt' well done, it's because I resort to a 12 yr old Jr High girl when I read that...and I fear FireDaddy will try to read over my shoulder...and the teasing...omg ..the teasing I would have to endure...

Have to say..the ending threw me..did not see it coming..at all. ..This was a fun read.....a addictive, ignore the fam read...Load up my Worshipers...prices are cheap...

As for these authors...they look like lovely,sweet and attractive women. Attractive women that think up some heinous ways of being killed...they have my email...should I be concerned???

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Stiletto in the Grave- Jason Krumbine

FA LA LA LA LA..... LA LA LA LA -Blaaaahhh...

That's right....blaaaahh....am I seriously the only one out there folks?? The shopping..the decorating...gawwwddd ....the FAMILY.....TOO MUCH.

So, I have been reading ...a lot...Just finished Wally Lamb's book ," The Hour I First Believed..". If you haven't read this..beware- not a upper. I would review this fantastic, well written book..but I am depressed enough...

In my state of despair I came along Jason Krumbine's ,"One Stiletto in the Grave".....Jason is on my twitter list, which I still am completely clueless how Twitter works.....but it's apparently legal to stalk Mike Rowe via Twitter....hmmm....wait...BACK TO ME!

Jason posted that this particular book was free that day...Free?? Because thanks to Xmas I need free...how in the hell can I keep my 5 book a week habit up during this hideous time??

Hallllo!! Great cover....(please refer to early blog ranting on the importance of a decent cover).

This book is the first in (hopefully) a long series. Avery and Brooke Graves are reapers..and sisters..think of bounty hunters for the dead. They deliver the dead where they got to go- pick up their paycheck at the end. Avery is the stable, organized sister and Brooke has a frat boy mentality who happens to be built like a supermodel. Now, some of you may say...especially you Martha Stewart, PTA wanna bee's, that Brooke is trashy and needs to put some time in with Sr. Joanne for some serious repentance..whatever.

I had friends like Brooke, in fact I still have one. She has simmered down since our college age days but ..Whoa Nellie..she could make a biker blush. Double standard to think that boys who behave like this are just young and silly while.girls are slutty with low self esteems.... AAAK...sounding like Jesus..aka Oprah..off my soapbox.

The girls get in trouble with some bad guys- CAN'T SAY ANYMORE.....howeverrrrr.. Avery has a ER Doc boyfriend who I find boring and sedate...there is another reaper that hopefully will be more of a distraction in the future . Brooke does have a ex- boyfriend who seems a little creepy...crawl out of your skin type. For those 80's kids, remember Herb Tarlic from WKRP?? That is who I think of when I think of this gentleman.  She also has a very out of control sex drive and manages to spend time with this creeper (shout out to my teens..look at Mom usin the lingo!)  This book is fun, dialogue is sharp. Both characters and storyline are original.

 Like J.A Konrath, I have to constantly remind myself a MAN wrote this...

So to you book snobs- you know who you are....especially that group who booted me out 10 yrs ago for asking the innocent question, " Christ...does every book we read have to describe a English garden for 100 pages? Shoot me now."- Lighten up..there are fun books that are also well written, so give it a whirl.

Too my daughters... if I should die and you actually look at this blog. I will haunt you...HAUNT YOU ..if you think for a second you can act like Brooke Graves......oh....and stay away from Aunt Robbie...her memory is not what it used to be..and I never did those things she may tell you..

The book is no longer free but it is only $3.95 at Amazon...so screw getting Great Aunt Betty a coffee card this year..you need a book ...you need your sanity...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Bull Years- Phil Stern..(and the bull about Xmas)..:)

Hello all, my Winter Wimplers!....

Cold where you are?? Hate it as much as I do??  Probably not...

FireDaddy has tried to convince me , given the whole Mayan predictions, that he needs more damn lights for the house...,"As this will be our last one!!! I NEED MORE LIGHTS!!!!"....our house looks nice, but some nights pulling in from work..I find it rather seizure inducing.

So, I guess it's confession time. I can't stand XMAS...it is like the dark plague that shows up every year to force me to smile and clean out my bank account in the name of good cheer.


I know...I know...SHUT IT...I have 3 kids, I have priorities to paste that
smile on my face and say ,"Merry Xmas" 50, 000 times a day.

Honestly, I have had this attitude since I was 10. I am a only child and was spoiled...opening one gift after another until frankly, I found the whole spiel boring. I have tried to convince myself to be religious and celebrate what 90% of our culture tries to convince themselves this is about.....but, even if I was truly religious I tend to think Jesus is thinking, " Way to show your appreciation by yanking out your Visa folks"....Really?  Enough of the Xmas doom and on to the review....

I received this book from the author himself...Phil Stern. Summary sounded interesting...then I saw the cover. Anyone who reads my blog knows what a cover whore I am....Now once you read the book you'll understand the cover...but first impressions made me say, " What in the HELL???"...

I know....I know....it's not what you think Ladies...it's not.

The book is about a group of friends who met in College...this is the 90's generation. In fact..these folks are exactly my age now, and back then.  The main character Steve wants to write a ,"Big Chill" of the 90's so to speak. He contacts all the folks via phone and email and ask them to document their stories. It's interesting as they never get together as adults but they all document their own take on how life was.

The whole story leads up to ,"That night"...through 75% of the book, I was coming up with what ,"That night" would unfold...murder? Affairs?? Suicide?? WHAT?? It is clear that whatever happened ended the groups friendships completely. 

The book was well written, and held my attention. No aliens, sparkly vampires (gross- again- gross)...furry night creatures or secret agents. The book gave each characters story and view regarding the main event that ended everything. I loved how the description from each character was perceived differently from the next. Example.  First character would say something like, " I came in and said hello". Then the next character's summary would describe the first character as walking in the house and saying, " He came in and said what the F are you doing here!???".  Shows every one's perception and you just can't figure out whose is correct.

After I finished book at 6 this morning, yep, you read that right, I was mad.

First of all, I can give you a name of folks I knew that could fit every character in this book. I saw myself  in there too- I won't tell who...but I did. I was mad at my generation. Really, what have we done?? I don't feel like we were anything grand. I feel like we were the group that was told continuously , do whatever you have to be happy, do it. Bored with your spouse? Get out Job is boring? Quit. You deserve to be happy.

Life is messy ,confusing and damn boring. We are kids of the Baby Boomer generation (again, if I have to hear one more Baby Boomer praise themselves for this I may vomit). The Baby Boomers, who took out leases on their cars, bought cloths and houses they could never afford all in the sake of screaming, "LOOK AT ME!! I can keep up with the Jones's!"...harsh? Yeah...true? Definitely. We were the initial latch key kids.
I think our gen x crowd grew up to be the ,"what now?? " generation. 

Now, getting back to why I was mad after this book. During the days when I had these friends I thought it was good. I probably have romanticized the friendships over the last 20 yrs or so. However, do I see these people? Nope. Do I miss them?? Nope. This book brought back why. I don't miss the cattiness of the girls, the stupidity of the boys and the constant drama that was created basically because at that age we all felt so entitled. It's embarrassing to think back to that point..did I have fun?? Well, yes..but not all the time.

There is a character who had the most pathetic catholic parents. I was laughing out loud!!  I went to catholic school- 10 yrs. My Dad was raised catholic, denied Catholicism but as all recovering catholics..the fear was always there. My Mom- new age, gravitated to what ever religion told her what she wanted to hear . I didn't have the catholic pressure at home...but at school..that was another thing. Now, I did have friends who had these parents...names not mentioned, but one Madonna music cassette (infants- look it up) Like a Virgin- got tossed in the trash compactor by God fearing parent in 7th grade....So I felt the character's frustration and the need to rebel against it.

None the less, this was a great book.  I am anxious to hear what other's think.

Off to go block some folks of my fbook..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stirred...Konrath aand Crouch...post Thanksgiving doom

So Mr. Konrath has teamed up once again with Mr. Crouch for another of my divine Jack Daniels booksStirred (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels/Luther Kite Thriller)

Hello my Worshipers...I have been gone for a while...

How are you all? How what the turkey??? Mine was fantastic...went to FireDaddy's station as he was working...kids terrorized the workout room and let me be. All was divine....let's back track though shall we???

As some of my regulars (sounds like a brothell) know...EYM and I have become 5k ....participates?? We have been trying to hit one a month...can I just say..EYM has lost 20lbs and looks even more glorious ...(who knew that was possible)?

Here is a sample of our Facebook entries regarding the evening before Turkey Trot :

Golden Gardens... Tomorrow... Thunderstorms and wind?? Turkey Trot... Beware of EYM and our Lifeforceeeee! Fyi... This will suck.

ME: i own the coffee and bailey's in a seedy bar after.. cold..morning...I feel my resistance failing....aaaaaaakkk

EYM: Mutha...fuuuuuuuuuuu

THE FAB EYM!!!!! Turkey Trot 2011.....word.

EYM: I don't wannnnnnna.
FireDaddy (aka my husband) : don't wimp out!


ME: we friggin have to!!!! Tdalish will NEVER stop picking on us if we don't.......we will find someone who irritates you that you can mock....wear ur cape...you'll feel better(Please refer to Hellrun blog entry)

EYM:  Im going to lay out my stuff right now

ME: don't go to the site...they just posted design of shirt....dear God.

FireDaddy: your ficken cape!

ME:  ficken???? Tdalish.....sttttoooppp


Needless to say...we did it..we showed...way to damn early...we cursed..we planned on cheating through people's yards...but considering this neighborhood looked like IKEA blew up...we knew the cops would be called. When we got there - I would say there was 20 peeps? Within the next 90 minutes...it went to 2,000 peeps. EYM is doing couch to 5k...last March when this nonsense began, it took her a hour...her time was 37 min and I felt like a proud Mama!! So praise away the Goddess EYM.

Well done soldier, well done.

         ME....Turkey Trot 2011...EYM tends to take the MOST unattractive photo's of me...geez..

Now...on to my review...........

If you would kindly refer to my previous J.A. Konrath review that would be helpful...done yet??

Stirred (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels/Luther Kite Thriller)

Now, first of all let me explain my devotion to Jack Daniel's books...I preorder all..I get giddy when they show up on my Precious (aka kindle)...I drop whatever I am reading when these books show up.

I read this in one day....I am not familiar with Blake Crouch's serial murder books. I read a preface regarding how book would work. There was references throughout book to click on. There would be a summary of who character is...at first I thought..."OH GAWD..this sounds like effort...".

It ended up to be the coolest tool in a ebook yet! Crouch's bad guys were going after my Jack (Jaqueline) Daniels...no clue who they were..the references tied it all together.

Soooo, Luther Kite is a scary , scary man...he is after Jack..who is 48 and pregnant by her 10 yr younger ,"boyfriend"...
Alright Ladies of a cooler age, high five each other...are you done ??? BACK TO ME...

I can't explain how scary this book was...there were rooms.. kind of a monopoly game from hell if you will. Anyone who knows me knows I am a weenie..I can barely get through episode of WALKING DEAD.....However, the writing is so damn good and the book puts you right in there...which was not a good thing for me but whatever.

The next morning after no sleep, I read J.A. Konrath's intro (always go straight to the book)...to find out...hope your sitting...this is the LAST OF MY JACK DANIELS ...how in the hell did I miss that?? HOW??!!! Dare I say, I teared up?? I blame exhaustion, however I was seriously bummed.

There was also a interview between the two authors at the the end. They discussed how they wrote for each OTHER'S characters...heck if I knew...everything flowed so perfectly.....

 To those who have not read any of these books, I advise ,"Whiskey Sour" to start....or you will be lost and emailing me all kinds of questions that I don't want to make time to answer...lalalalalala...

So, in my conclusion..Mr. Konrath- Thank you for writing such a fantastic series. They were funny , scary and uplifting...as I near 40 it was a breathe of fresh air to see a gal who has got it together (mostly) and it still a bad ass... I thank you for your books when I went through my 1st (better be only) major surgery of my existence...they took the stress and anxiety away from reality....

Also, get on your knee's and praise your wife for helping you...she had to..if not, then your the only straight man in the world who seriously knows how women work.

Mr. Crouch- I have downloaded the first in your "Luther" series...I am scared to read it...your writing is fantastic and frightening and slightly realistic....if I lose any sleep due to your terror I will fax you a list of my kid's practices.... you'll be taking them.

Have a good one folks!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger......horrible...
This book event has been something that has been the COOLEST event I have seen in a while...tons...I mean TONS of free ebooks...good news? You have until tomorrow at midnight to get them all, bad news there is ALOT of books.
You better call in sick from work....you look pale...weak...dear God...do you have a fever???  Work with me....I am trying to help you.

You leave a comment on each authors blog. Leave your email - do not forget that or using your PTO will be pointless.  There is also a site for donating money towards sending troops kindles...and also a chance to WIN kindles...

For each book you request, the author sends a troop of your choice or a total a troop that ya don't know a free copy also...kind of like the idea of sending someone I don't know something..but that's me. Come on people...get with it...show  your love....well, and your forgiveness...to me:)

Oh!! And for lose lazy folks (get off Facebook and pay attention...NOW) who did not get Ann Charle's Dance of the  Winnebagos...last chance folks......midnight tomorrow...

Sooooo, I have been neglectful...I know....one kid has started volleyball along with the soccer ...don't get me started..this isn't about my kids..Back to MEEEE!!

Well, I have made it loud and clear about my hate for glittery Tigerbeat Teethers...just makes me ill..seriously. However, a couple years ago I came across this gem of a series.

Don't roll those eyes!!! I know...I know..the cover looks kind of...Smoochy Woochy..I must have looked at this cover 30 times before I downloaded the sample. This book is different folks. Here is a slight summary from author's page:

"Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire."

This woman is boring...boring and a ex federal agent. She was attacked by a vampire...her husband knows but to everyone else she has a skin disorder. Her husband is repulsed by her ...and he gets flat out mean. She has two kids...stay with me folks ,but if this were to really happen the feeling and the descriptions of what she goes through seems so honest and real. You feel for her. The description of having to walk from her house to car in order to pick  up her kids during day  is horrendous. Her insecurity and having to deal with the why and how's are really something to read....anyhow, this is a book about vampires so there is some excitement. She continues to work as a self employed PI...the characters in these books are fantastic. You don't like them all by any means but they never bore you. The 5th book is coming out in December and I am ready. I believe I read all 4 in 8 days. Give them a whirl, you will not be disappointed...and the big surprise...J.R. Rain...is a man..I know...I don' get it either. He certainly does..fantastic writer.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween and all that...Blood Ties- Lori G. Armstrong

Hello my Halloween Loves!! What are you watching?? If you say Twilight...get off..get off this blog NOW..NOOOOOOOOWWW!  Man up! Come back when you can watch something that doesn't sparkle.

I have to say..has anyone out in my cult..I mean blogisphere watch Walking Dead? How fantastic is this show I ask you? True...I scream when beheadings or that stupid blond consistently trips in the woods while a zombie is about to pounce (screwed my knitting up- 30 minutes I will never get back...).?

Hello Sherriff!! Although...he is getting slightly thin and his friend is getting better and better looking (ask the Sheriff's wife!) the boys are cute ...and always southern?? Hay..is this some sort of trend?? What about us folks in Seattle??? How are we holding up? Least these folks don't have the downpour of rain to deal with..cold , wet and WINDY? That is a true survival test...Anyhow, show is fantastic..people are interesting..it isn't campy at all. For True Blood fans..this ain't for you...those Bon Temp folks would their heads as these Zombie's aren't sexy southerners as those vamps require...it's gross and scary. I just have one question...where is the damn GIRL???!!!! Where did she go??? GRRRRRR....

Now on to the book review...tonight kids it is Blood Ties-(PI Julie Collins) by Lori G. Armstrong..I am going through a women sleuth faze...she is a secretary in Deadwood (shout out to Ann Charles!!!!!) at a sheriff's office. She works part time for her buddy/ love interest at his PI firm. This is not a Stephanie Plumb book folks...She drinks, smokes ...sleeps around with whoever...one of those trashy , smart gals. Her 1/2 brother was from a tribe in the area. He was killed years before and she is constantly trying to find links to his murder. There is some serious racism in this books that is disturbing. A white woman is found killed in the same manner as her brother. The game is on..and all I can say is what a ride!!!! I received this book from my beloved pixelink.com for .99cents...bought the next (there are 4) for 6.99...my cheap beating heart!!! Unfortunately it is just as divine as the first..damnit.  So grab this series...it is exciting...

Now- I want to throw a idea out here , my little Cult followers...with all those freeeeeeee books from the book tour...please..please...comment on what you read. I would love to hear from everyone...dare we call this a book club of sorts???!!! So start posting ..whether you loved it or not...anxious to hear from all!!

Have a fabulous Halloween!!! Muwahahahahahhaaha!

Saturday, October 22, 2011



Today is the last day of Tour de Force book contest! I am handing out tough love as some need it....
I find you TRUELY LAME if you have not taken advantage of all these free books .... When I finish reading these books , you'll be reading my review and thinking," I need this book"...and it will COST YOU MONNNNNNEEEEYYYYYY...won't you feel slightly...stupid??

Yes...well you should .

Get the books people...follow the rules on the site..leave your email on the blogs (leave it here for Ann Charles- Dance of Winnebagos). Take a guess on who the, "surprise blogger" is. You don't know who it is??
Then take a guess! Stop your whining already..you exhausting me.

Here are today's selections....Lord...reminds me of that Zombie run I entered for August..crap...back to books!!

Scary!!!!!!  Muwahaha! So get your books..you have till the 24th ( I believe) so get with the program....
Sit with the cool kids in the lunchroom......                              

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tour de Force REMINDER!!- and get your hands off my MEDAL.

LISTEN UP!!! This is FireDaddy...that is my medal...EYM and I have STRICT rules that FireDaddy and BigDaddy (EYM hubby) are never to touch our many, many athletic achievements.

Text went as follows...

Me:  Woke up to T'dalish cleaning kitchen... With MY medal on... EYM... Feel free to punish anyway you feel is justified.... Take it off NOW..

EYM:  He is so cute..oh wait....um....WHAT IS HE WEARING?! YOU BETTAH TAKE THAT OFF.....YOU DID NOT EARN THAT.....TODD!!!!

    You have been warned FireDaddy....do not...DO NOT make EYM take her earrings out...do not.

Now back to MEEEE...........................

Love...Love all the comments!!!!!! Miss Social Worker ...AKA Read- a holic...my name is Lindsey.."Hi Lindsey"..I am also a read a holic...Never fear...you have found your sponser!
(Which is amusing as I give shots and set up prescriptions all day....and back to blog)..

Get on the blog...follow directions for day #2...make sure to leave your email in the comments...not brain surgery people.

Just a reminder, make sure to check out Ann's fabulous (other series) too..... I put them in order for a reason folks...so don't go screwing up my hard work by not reading them incorrectly...

If you have been living under a rock and have NO CLUE what these books are about , I suggest your scroll on down and read the reviews....oh dear God..my hand is cramping from all this typing......the paiiinnnnn...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dance of the Winnebagos (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series) and blog tour

Wahoo!! Day 2 of blog tour! I swear, if you have any sense about you ...you have already signed up for this right??? Please refer to previous post..AGAIN...are you too exhausted to move the mouse you lazy thing?? Here is the advertisement , you slavedrivers.....

Read up on the how, what , where and when... Free books, prizes and so much more....don't make me tell you again...because I won't. I have entered myself and I hate to lose...so GAME ON!!!


 (Fantastic cover done by artist C.S. Kunkle- author's brother)  

Now for more exciting news from my new pal Ann Charles.....she has a new book and a new series...I have to be honest. When I fall for a series I fall harrrrddd...and I love Violet (please refer to my review of Nearly Departed and Optical Delusions..I'll wait...HA! I am only child - no patience..).  When a author begins a new series...I must say..I look upon the new book with a ,"I guess I'll try it but I won't like it" attitude...


Can I say I read this in one night?...That's right people. I have three kids under 14, at three different schools. I work and FireDaddy apparently works also - I just can't keep track of his insane schedule......Back to me!

 I can't afford this late nights as I am a delicate flower who needs her sleep..yeah right..a book has to be worth the huffing of FireDaddy saying ," I can hear every click of your Kindle....GOD ..go to bed!!"..
This book was worth the whining!!!

The main character is Claire- she is traveling with her Gpa and buddies. It seemed to me that she traveled with Gpa in order to watch over him and she is also unemployed at the moment...Gpa has a group of very interesting buddies...they give Dirty Old Men ( D.O.M)  a whole new meaning.  Claire, Gpa and the rest of the Winnebago herd stop in a Arizona town...there is good looking man who sparks Claire's interest, a lot of over aged hussies to keep the D.O.M busy...there is mystery , humor...romance  and a villain who makes the O.C. Housewives look like Saints in comparison. There are characters you would love to hang out with and some you can't run far enough from. As usual Ann has found a way to pull together all the elements that I must have to make me lose sleep...Ready for the second in the series...now.

Go to the blog site ....Ann's book is the pic for tomorrow Oct 19.  Read the rules, sign up and get going...Get Dance of the Winnebagos...Go to bed tonight as you won't be sleeping tomorrow .

Happy Reading Folks!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indie Book Collective contest and review of Craved

Hola All!! It is the morning....and I am on computer before work...aaaakkk...if I had run this morning I would fear the world was ending...but getting on computer before work is a shock as it is....

Honestly, I did this last night . However, watching Modern Family last night I accidentally hit,"delete" while laughing at Cam chasing a car...running down sidewalk...screaming...hahahhahahaha!! After the delete incident...I wasn't laughing anymore...

Indie Book Collective Event...Free ebooks...Kindle....gift baskets!!

I had you at gift baskets....we all know (especially women) that you would run your mother's over for a ,"free gift with purchase"...Head to the site address and check out contest rules. There are 12 ebooks..wahooo!!! I have read one already (Ann Charles - Dance of the Winnebagos!) and will be reviewing next week .Sign up for the newsletter and get reading. Hurry- this starts on Oct 17th...

 Craved (#1 in the Gwen Sparks Series)Now for the book review. The book is ,"Craved" by Stephanie Nelson. It is about a witch, werewolf and vampire...Oh my!!! ....now...wait..where did you go??? Another paranormal smoochy book? ..DON'T YOU ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME???!!!

Now- readers, I am Anti- Twilight. I am. I can't even stand the trailers for the movies..the big hair...glitter..horrid make up jobs..I know. Everyone has gone vampire..and it is wearing thin...it has lost it's shine...or glitter if you will.

Anyhow- this is the first in a series. Gwen is a witch, who owns her own store. Can I just praise the face she is 20 something and does not live with her folks?? There is a group of vamps who are draining witches for their blood. The blood gives them magical powers and basically make them as high as a kite..Think meth addicts..but attractive....I know, that is a tough one.

Micah, is the werewolf , who is the detective on this case. He is also a old flame of our Gwen who dumped her for her lack of future ummmmmm....breeding possibilities?? Aiden is the vampire who adores her..are you still there??

Here is where the author came through for me. If I can point our two characteristics regarding paranormal books that make me scream, "Is the sun out yet???!!!" it these two...

1)  The way Vamps talk. They apparently are hundreds if not thousands of years old. Stop talking like it is 1750....(True Blood I am talking to you- "Sookie...can I call on you???!")...Gaaah...it is distracting and it doesn't make sense. These folks observe all , they are trying to fit in. Stop...stop  already.

2)  The cloths...L. Hamilton..I am really talking to you!! No puffy shirts, thigh high boots, ribbons in your hair or sword holders. I have never recovered from Anita Blake walking in the restaurant to be all hot and bothered by her Vamp decked out in a puffy shirt with ,"mother of pearl cuffs" and thigh high pirate boots...PEOPLE ARE EATING....how is this a turn on? Seriously, distracting...

Stephanie Nelson does not commit these sins in this book. The mystery of ,"who done it" was well done.
For you romance folks..the smut was enough and for you prudes the smut was bearable. Honestly, how authors write the mushy scenes I have no clue...I would snort through the whole process. Some are so bad you can't figure out how anyone can bend like that ..maybe a Cirque du Soieil employee?? Who knows.

So if you are looking for a fun read check out Craved. It's Twilight for the grown ups.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Spellman Files and post Hellrun Pics...

Before the Hellrun..(notice the fantastic, horrid WOLFPACK shirts...grrrrr)



                  And after...................

Danielle, EYM and I

                As I face a weekend of non Hellrunning...I am faced with possible ..blah. That is the problem with doing something out of place and exciting...you gotta come back to the usual...it is a hard fall at times.

               Non the less, as I just read a comment somewhere on the old web.."A book is a the best cheap vacation you can take..."...True..true..So I thought I would review a book (series) I read a couple years ago.
EYM- who was involved in this author's book signing got me hooked on these...

The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz ..................................

      This is the first of 4...Family is private eyes...Oldest daughter, "Izzy" ..young enough to be funny..to old to be stupid..somewhere around 28 but frozen at 15. She dates idiots...blows off from all responsibility..has a younger sister (Rae) who I can't figure out if she is just overly intelligent or heading the same direction as her sister, but with a higher level of vocabulary. Then there is Henry...and Detective..he is OVERCLEAN..I believe in his early 40's...slightly boring and seems exhausted when Izzy comes around....kind of a George Clooney without personality (like he needs one).

     Her parents are constantly, "bugging" Izzy's car and diving into her life....it is suffocating to say the least. Although it is constantly brought up how the Mother is stunning and no one can figure out why," not so stunning " Dad got her...funnier than heck.

     Izzy is a character you want to smack and yell to grow the hell up...she gives immature a whole new meaning. However, you envy her lack of care and responsibly. She is narcissistic and a serious pain in the ass. Who am I kidding...I was this woman till I married Henry..I mean Todd and had a gaggle of kids.

    Again- this is one of those series that get better as they go on . My favorite is #4...LOVED IT.
If you want a fun, smart ...light mystery this is the book for you.

   Later Folks!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book for a GREAT cause...

Hola All-

I am hoping you all subscribe to Pixel and Ereader..they send the good deals...daily to your email...so get on it.

So this Entangled ..haven't read it..but I figure proceeds go to the Boobie cause so might as well...here is the write up in Amazon...

"Ghosts, vampires, demons, and more! Entangled includes ten suspense-filled paranormal short stories from authors Cynthia Eden, Jennifer Estep, Edie Ramer, Lori Brighton, Michelle Diener, Misty Evans, Nancy Haddock, Liz Kreger, Dale Mayer, and Michelle Miles, plus a Seven Deadly Sins novella by Allison Brennan.

Stacia Kane contributed the foreword. Formatting and cover art were also donated to the project by Lori Devoti and Laura Morrigan.

All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation."
So get on it folks...and let me know what you think of stories..it is on sale for $2.99..
Until later!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hell Run and Plain Jane: Brunette's Beware- Cristyn West

(The first of MANY mudpits)

Hola All- Monday Eve...how I despise you...

Well, what a weekend of fun I have had...Hell Run with EYM on Sat morning...true...we only had 5 hours of sleep..but onward we went..to Carnation Wa...there were outfits...ours included (pics are coming) and all kinds of nonsense...and there was fear of the UNKNOWNNNNN....so EYM , Danielle and I got in line...and up a hideous hill we went. There were 20 ft walls, numerous waist deep mud pits (lady- DO NOT GRAB MY SHORTS AGAIN....ever...) and a large river.. River we were not prepared for..EYM feared for her nether regions as the water was more than waist deep..we finished without petite Danielle drowning..Jumped over fire and crossed the painful finish line. Then headed for the long wait to be pressure washed in pain..in which EYM swore at me...a horrid word my little worshipers...to harsh for thy ears...but it resembled ," Pucklard"..change a couple of letters...it was a oldie but a goodie..I froze and headed back to car via shuttle (school bus) . A lovely traveler (east coast frat boy) took pity on my thirst and handed me a bottle (flask) of warm goodness (Irish Whiskey)...No need to go to my 20th reunion peeps...I was doing the same exact thing with the same type of people 20 yrs ago...reunion celebrated. I shine with pride for my EYM who worked so hard to do this and continues to work hard..EYM - The Purple Periwinkle Bandit- you are one of us:)

So during this exciting weekend I read Plain Brunette. The authors name is actually not Cristyn West but Carolyn McCray (http://carolynmccray.com/). Haven't found out why different name was used but check out her site . Lovely, attractive and friendly  looking woman, with a cute little dog in her author pic. Which proves what I have always suspected...people with little dogs are demented and craaaazy!! :)

The book starts with 2 main characters. Detective Nicole Usher and profiler Kent Harbinger. There is a killer of ,"plain brunette's" in the city....and it is creeeeepyyy. Now Nicole and Kent have quite a background together...smoochy smoochy kind of background...but alot of damage has been done and so on. Not your typical boring,"we used to be in love then he wroooonged me" background but one that is actually interesting..Now Nicole has a partner Reuben, they used to be bed buddies but he  was just a fill in. I know this sounds like a Nora Roberts novel but it is not. The relationship is delivered in serious tone without boring you. Soooo, as I laid in EYM's guest room with my reading light knowing the Hell Run is lurking soon, I read the book..People..I was scared..I was scaaaared..It was a Hannibal Lector type of creepy ..which I went to the bathroom 50 times during that movie and refused to go to my car alone after...however, the trophies this killer takes is soooo odd..and I CAN'T TELL YOU....I can tell you this...Kent made me nervous. He really bothered me then I would think ,"who is this intriguing  Maaannn??"..then he would make me feel uneasy again. He really gives his all to the job..ahem. .I did not see the identity of the killer...total surprise..and no one can surprise me. Go and read this book. I would love to hear what others think. I will definitely try more from this lovely (scary) author. Until later!!

                                                                                                                      EYM and I- Pre Filth.........

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle touch..my bday..coincidence?? I think not..

Hello all! Are you buying all the great deals at http://indiebookcollective.com/IndieBookCollective/Home.html?????????? Are you??

So it my bday...yes it is....and the Kindle Touch has come out...and I want it now now Daddy, I want the Golden Goose!! ...

Do I need it?? Heck no...but Lindsey's Alicide wants a new sister...life is lonely being the only kindle..it is.
Besides..I know people have the ,"home kindle"and "travel kindle"....I want to be one of these cool people ..I do.. What do you all think??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello all...Tuesday...is here ..which means..TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!   http://indiebookcollective.com/IndieBookCollective/Home.html

Enter, win ....do what you must. Get Anne's book for 99 cents.....DO IT!!!

Here is how the contest works....taken from the site itself......

By helping us (IBC..and me- share my blog- that will help too!..) drive Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles to the top of the Kindle Lists on September 28th, YOU can win, too!

Because Ann and her publisher, Corvallis Press, are giving away a brand new Kindle!- She has a cool cover..refer to previous     posts..move on..

Simply purchase Nearly Departed in Deadwood on September 28th, then head back here and fill out the entry form (located at the top of the right hand column).- which there is a column that you fill out on right side...

You will only need to enter your email address and the first five numbers from your Amazon purchase confirmation code.- FOR GOD SAKES DON'T FORGET THE CODE....the caps shall help you remember..
And tah-dah! You just gained 5 entries to win a Kindle!

And back to me!

Since I own a spankin new Kindle (RIP my Kindle 2 Precious)...aka Lindsey's Alicide....I plan to just shop.

Again- you don't own a Kindle (gawd- who raised you?? You poor neglected soul) you can load book on Kindle App and read on your smarty pants phone, I pad, notebook at what other computer you must use ...

Until Tomorrow- Happy Reading!!  FYI- Miss Shelby..I know you got all week off so start buying your books...I know where you live...:)