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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, I have taken quite a break due to numerous events. However, I am back and reading like a mad woman. Kids are back at soccer so I am out of money. So I have been reading some cheap .99 cent books. Found some jewels......Donovan Creed books by John Locke. Twisted, suspenseful and a little bothersome...kind of like select soccer..except funnier.

Check it out- there are 7 and they are way to fun. He was a hitman for the CIA and takes interesting side jobs. He seems to be able to kill anyone without a second thought...yet manages to care about certian people...which is odd. Like I said if your one of those who aren't willing to lean to the dark side (just a little people- lighten the hell up) then these aren't for you...

Now, for the exciting big news...Lisa (#2) and I went to Charlaine Harris's book signing. That's right and thank Jesus himself for wine as there were some oooooodddd women who were pretty convinced Erik himself was going to swoop them away from their boring, soccer mama lives...there was one in particular (let's call her Karen...alright that is her name but what do we care? )..who was concerned as Sookie suffered from post tramatic stress disorder. She was curious to see if Sookie was going to get on meds and would this be addressed..ooooookay. Well my Kindle Minions- Charlaine (who was very Paula Dean-ish) politely slamed her with a ," Honey...it is fiction". Friend Katie let out a whoop right next to me. I would say we waited a hour to have books signed.  Mrs. Harris was polite and sweet and referred to me as," aren't you cute!"...she had me at cute people. As Lisa (#2) said, " I want her to adopt me and make me cookies"...fabulous woman. Sent our pic on her fbook page told her we had fun....she posted that she did too underneath...then a bunch of weirdo's posted thinking that they were her new bff's.

We are..until later...


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