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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday of doom

Well.. I know it must seem that I only review silly fun books...read only? No- review ...yes. They are more fun to to review...let's face it. As I was facing the tedious Monday that lay before me I recieved the most disturbing news....Long...long...ago ..at a soccer tourn ( I was playing thank you..) my Aunt and her minions were talking about Stephanie Plumb- Janet Evanovich. I just HAD to read them. Now- this was in my book snotty days...THE BOOK WITH THE NUMBERS?? Beneath me..how DARE you..so I went to library and read 1-12 in a week...yes..LAUGH ? They were hysterical. So imagine my sadness to hear that Katherine Hiegl has just been cast to play Stephanie Plumb? I may never get over this...I may never recover...WTH??!!!

So, in my accidental sleepy reading time..I accidently bought a $11.00 book on Kindle..I know. I was shocked . However, started the book and it is a heck of a lot of fun. The Radley's..about a vampire fam who is playing ", norm" in England...fun and completely different. Keep you posted..until later- :-)

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