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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Eve

So here I sit...on the eve of our possible demise. Never fear- I will be here. Why you ask? Am I evil? Rotten? What???!!! Well- because my kid's play year round sports..and there is no where these people are going anywhere- so it pretty much keeps me grounded.

So- in fear of having to tie up loose ends..I finally finished the end of the porn..ooops- Anita Blake book...blaaah!!! What the hell? This one was her #10...Nars  in chains....seriously folks..Now I am a Gleek and I am not ashamed..and for those who watch it ..Remember the scene when my hero Sue talked Emma into confronting Will over his ...many lady friends?? Well Anita..I say this to you.."Your a slut, slut,slut...slutty slut slut!!!!". Hero worship over.

So my peeps- what are ya wearing for Rapture night?? Food ..parties?? Do tell- love to hear!
I am finishing up Morganville Vampire books....started it last summer,,new one came out..gotta finish it. Kind of like Sound of Music following Deep Throat in comparison to Anita.

I am going to start my Sookie (signed by my adoptive mother Charlaine) this weekend. I fear for the health of my dainty wrists (umm...I'm 6ft tall, nothing dainty) as I must hold a hardback book..not the 3 oz of Kindle that I am accustomed to. So take nature lovers- I know how to rough it.

Take care all- most will be back on Sunday. For those who may take off to higher ground. When you speak of me....speak kindly...

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