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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day!

Todd and Gwyn (3 yrs ago)
Happy Father's day everyone!!
Hope it is a good one...weather here is revolting as always...seriously..summer is not coming...what happened to global warming??

So as I prepare to end my glorious 2 days off to go back to being a work slave I reach out and ask you all to send in your recommendations for books. People- I have forced soccer tourn to attend...against my will. I need ..I want...distractions. Please pass around this blog if you find it remotely entertaining. Got anything to whine or bitch about- I welcome it! Let it go! Raising teenagers? Dealing with family?  Nighttmare coworkers? Bring it. Bring it all- but bring me a book while your at it.

Have a great day Dad's- especially my husband , who tolerates my nonsense and who makes parenthood look easy...whatever:)


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