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Monday, September 26, 2011


Hola all....Hola Monday of doom and blahness......1st week of fall and I will not make it...I will not.

Today I shall review Miss Charles 2nd book in Deadwood series...(for all you caught up - there will be 12 total- WAHOOOOO!).
Notice the cool cover- love it.

So, rarely do I like a 2nd book as much as the first. Not only do I not like this one as much, I like it more! If you haven't read the 1st you might want to skip review as I am doing everything in my power to not spoil it for you. However, your choosing to read this so your problem not mine..Passing the blame!!

Same folks, more mystery and drama..and the cool guy who has issues. Violet is back...and her buddy Natalie is still chasing after the gentleman (Doc) thinking he is available, in which he is smooching our Violet and causing her serious guilt. Frankly, this story line stresses me out...I get why she won't say anything but guilt is doom . Makes me   feel for both of the ladies..Hail Mary.

                        There is a gorgeous house that Violet is selling..all though no other realtor will touch...to say bad things have happened there is a understatement. Strange family still lives there and there is a new villain with certain ASSets...she is scary..but what mean girl isn't? Fantastic mystery, twists and turns everywhere. There is so much going on but somehow Miss Charles writes in a way that the reader does not get lost. I am focus impaired...there are other terms for that but...hay...is that the neighbors cat????!  Back to review.....the only complaint is I wish the book was longer...really fun read. Miss Charles is now writing the 3rd in the series...not fast enough for me...impatience comes from being a only child...blame my folks..see? Passing the blame..       .

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