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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review of Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles.....

Hello All!

Busy summer, lots of change (just like the site). This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Charles at a writing shindig in Everett Wa. Oddly, I just downloaded her book on my kindle..(3rd kindle...discuss another time) and I recognized her cool cover from a distance. You are all aware of what a wallflower I am ...quiet, subdude...HAHAHAHAHA...I am laughing too...so I walked right over and started yakking. Liked her right away- smart, funny and as my husband thought from picture, very cute....... Back to Me!.So we started talking about book and cover. People,those who are talented to write...I BEG of you...invest in a decent cover..please...It attracts the book snobs....if you have a bad cover, well....I fear I will pre judge you and assume the book is about swash buckling pirates who unbuckle their swashes in descriptives terms while referring to all women as , "Lassies or Wenches"...grossness...so spring for the cool covers.

Now , Miss Charles has a brother that is beyond talented who does her artwork so she has a advantage. Went to another book signing of hers yesterday and saw his work  http://www.charleskunkle.com/. Look it up- very cool. I have to seriously whine and grovel for a certain picture I have called.."Mine" to FireDaddy ....who am I kidding..I will buy it anyway.

So off track. Must be my weekend of fun without soccer. So...Ann's 1st book is Nearly Departed In Deadwood. It is about a woman named Violet Parker. She is a divorced mother or twins-9 yr olds. She is a realtor who lives with her Aunt Zoe and is working hard to support the fam.

Here is why this book is different. This gal is not perfect. She has bad Mom moments.. (Lord- I have so many...)..she is not 21 but 40...she is not some silly little girl running around thinking, "I am so lonely, misunderstood...perfect and gorgeous...vulnerable...yet manage to attract pale men who sparkle"...Yeah- dig on Twilight...my blog..my dig...she is self conscious in a way most women would be. Although she has the freedom to not always care  too...ex. My 14 yr old daughter would not deliver the book I bought for neighbor as she hadn't brushed her hair yet..see?

There are so many characters in the book, and yet it is easy to keep track. You have the villain...fellow realtor smuck named Ray..we all know this guy from somewhere. You have the old guy Harvey..who is slightly perverted but somehow acts like a father figure to Violet, you can't help but like him...even if he can be vile. Aunt Zoe is a character- her kids are weird, in a good way..but as a Mom...well you know how it goes. Then she has the best friend Natalie..which is all kinds of awkward later in story.

She meets Doc- who is a financial planner who needs to buy a house. Doc is swoon worthy, but even he has his hang ups..he seems to sense dead folks in houses and he has a slightly spastic reaction...hawt and odd....takes down the grossness of the Perfect Man.

There is also another man who is buying a house- has all of the above..appears normal...digs Violet..but you just know something is off....

There is a murder mystery in this, romance and paranormal. I don't want to give spoilers as once I get going I can't stop ...then I will ruin it for you...This is the first of 3 in the series...yessss... I have read second and I shall review that too.

                                                       WAHOOOOOO - DEALS GALORE!
Exciting news for Kindle folks...or wanna be cool Kindle folks...The Indie Book Collective site is having Best Sellerof the day contest.  Anyone who buys a copy of Miss Charles book can head over to the IBC blog, sign up for the newsletter and be entered to win a Kindle.  There are also companion or bonus buys...not only will  Miss Charles Book be 99 cents this Wed...9/28/2011 ( HAALLLO my bday) but they are giving away a KINDLE.

If you don't have a Kindle, well, sucks to be you. If you have a smarty pants phone, you ALL know they have a Kindle App.so you can still buy the book and read on phone. I have done it during the sad, unfortunate death of Lindsey's Precious aka Kindle 2- do I hear taps???!

Anyhow go to this site http://indiebookcollective.com/IndieBookCollective/Home.html. Buy Miss Charles book- read and enter for Kindle...earn my love..spread the blog to all..It is my birthday ya kow. :)


  1. love your blog, love your review, love violet and harvey and doc - ray not so much but I sure love to hate him... if I hadnt already read and thoroughly the books I would give them a try after reading this. .. and in case anyone wonders, no- soccer mom did not pay me to write this...

  2. I can't pay you...my kids play select soccer..you should be impressed that I am not at freeway exit with sign.."help- kids in select sports- give money..now.."

  3. Thanks for hosting- that's what- four books for 99 cents, with the rebate??? I can't wait to dive in. If only they came with a pause button for my life. Then I could read them all back to back...

  4. Word.... It would be nice... After you read one of the extras let me know what you think... Enjoy!