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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dance of the Winnebagos (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series) and blog tour

Wahoo!! Day 2 of blog tour! I swear, if you have any sense about you ...you have already signed up for this right??? Please refer to previous post..AGAIN...are you too exhausted to move the mouse you lazy thing?? Here is the advertisement , you slavedrivers.....

Read up on the how, what , where and when... Free books, prizes and so much more....don't make me tell you again...because I won't. I have entered myself and I hate to lose...so GAME ON!!!


 (Fantastic cover done by artist C.S. Kunkle- author's brother)  

Now for more exciting news from my new pal Ann Charles.....she has a new book and a new series...I have to be honest. When I fall for a series I fall harrrrddd...and I love Violet (please refer to my review of Nearly Departed and Optical Delusions..I'll wait...HA! I am only child - no patience..).  When a author begins a new series...I must say..I look upon the new book with a ,"I guess I'll try it but I won't like it" attitude...


Can I say I read this in one night?...That's right people. I have three kids under 14, at three different schools. I work and FireDaddy apparently works also - I just can't keep track of his insane schedule......Back to me!

 I can't afford this late nights as I am a delicate flower who needs her sleep..yeah right..a book has to be worth the huffing of FireDaddy saying ," I can hear every click of your Kindle....GOD ..go to bed!!"..
This book was worth the whining!!!

The main character is Claire- she is traveling with her Gpa and buddies. It seemed to me that she traveled with Gpa in order to watch over him and she is also unemployed at the moment...Gpa has a group of very interesting buddies...they give Dirty Old Men ( D.O.M)  a whole new meaning.  Claire, Gpa and the rest of the Winnebago herd stop in a Arizona town...there is good looking man who sparks Claire's interest, a lot of over aged hussies to keep the D.O.M busy...there is mystery , humor...romance  and a villain who makes the O.C. Housewives look like Saints in comparison. There are characters you would love to hang out with and some you can't run far enough from. As usual Ann has found a way to pull together all the elements that I must have to make me lose sleep...Ready for the second in the series...now.

Go to the blog site ....Ann's book is the pic for tomorrow Oct 19.  Read the rules, sign up and get going...Get Dance of the Winnebagos...Go to bed tonight as you won't be sleeping tomorrow .

Happy Reading Folks!!


  1. I have Ann's other two books, so I know just what you mean!

  2. I love these tours!

    I can't wait to read her book!
    Laura G.


    You sound like I do with my Kindle. When a book is great I'll stay up all night to read it also!

  3. It took me two days to read but that is only because I was forced to get off kindle so the love of my life could go to sleep.... love this book,love ann, love your blog....

  4. Thanks for the review. It sounds like you really enjoyed the book. Looking forward to reading it too.

  5. Enjoyed your post. Have read her other books and they are hard to put down. Cannot wait to read this one.
    Sue B

  6. Well I am having so much fun today and feel like the book-krack addict I am hopping around the masquerade and being able to read more about this awesome treat of a book. I am excited to be able to find new (to me) blogs and make more friends in the book blogging world. I have signed up to follow and look forward to reading more of what you have to share. The cover is lovely and makes me think of just how much fun is going to be in-between on the pages of this awesome author's book. I cannot wait to read Dance of the Winnebagos and thank you for sharing about it and allowing me another teaser for the fun:)


  7. Sounds like a fun read. Can't wait to read it.

  8. Hi,

    Here for the Blog Tour, can't wait to get my copy, sounds like a great book!

    Thanks for the fun!


  9. LOl...Love the blog title name. I agre...I have had many many next day book-hangovers per say because I could not put it down once Ive started it. Love the review! Thanks for hosting!

  10. This is so much fun! Thank you for participating!!



  11. I always stay up past my bedtime reading. Usually, I fall asleep with the light on and contac lens still in my eye balls. Then,I have to get up, pry the lens out of my eyes, get in my PJs and pray I fall back to sleep quick or else I'm in for another snoozy workday!

    I tell my colleagues everytime they have to wake me up from a deep sleep in front of my computer that no, I did not go out partying last night, I swear! I'm just a read-aholic - this is fitting as I work in a substance abuse clinic as a counselor! Social worker heal thy self!

    Can't wait to get my hands on Ann's book.

    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  12. Thanks for sponsoring the tour. Happy reading.

  13. Hey Soccer Mom-Babe!

    Thank you so much for supporting me on this tour. You always make me laugh and I appreciate you driving your fire-hubby nuts in order to read my book.


  14. Thank you for the review, it sounds really good! My aunt and uncle are snowbirds who drive an RV from Ohio to Arizona and back. I like the idea of seeing what more ribauld ones would be doing instead!

    I'm here from the masquerade, so thank you for supporting the tour!

    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com