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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween and all that...Blood Ties- Lori G. Armstrong

Hello my Halloween Loves!! What are you watching?? If you say Twilight...get off..get off this blog NOW..NOOOOOOOOWWW!  Man up! Come back when you can watch something that doesn't sparkle.

I have to say..has anyone out in my cult..I mean blogisphere watch Walking Dead? How fantastic is this show I ask you? True...I scream when beheadings or that stupid blond consistently trips in the woods while a zombie is about to pounce (screwed my knitting up- 30 minutes I will never get back...).?

Hello Sherriff!! Although...he is getting slightly thin and his friend is getting better and better looking (ask the Sheriff's wife!) the boys are cute ...and always southern?? Hay..is this some sort of trend?? What about us folks in Seattle??? How are we holding up? Least these folks don't have the downpour of rain to deal with..cold , wet and WINDY? That is a true survival test...Anyhow, show is fantastic..people are interesting..it isn't campy at all. For True Blood fans..this ain't for you...those Bon Temp folks would their heads as these Zombie's aren't sexy southerners as those vamps require...it's gross and scary. I just have one question...where is the damn GIRL???!!!! Where did she go??? GRRRRRR....

Now on to the book review...tonight kids it is Blood Ties-(PI Julie Collins) by Lori G. Armstrong..I am going through a women sleuth faze...she is a secretary in Deadwood (shout out to Ann Charles!!!!!) at a sheriff's office. She works part time for her buddy/ love interest at his PI firm. This is not a Stephanie Plumb book folks...She drinks, smokes ...sleeps around with whoever...one of those trashy , smart gals. Her 1/2 brother was from a tribe in the area. He was killed years before and she is constantly trying to find links to his murder. There is some serious racism in this books that is disturbing. A white woman is found killed in the same manner as her brother. The game is on..and all I can say is what a ride!!!! I received this book from my beloved pixelink.com for .99cents...bought the next (there are 4) for 6.99...my cheap beating heart!!! Unfortunately it is just as divine as the first..damnit.  So grab this series...it is exciting...

Now- I want to throw a idea out here , my little Cult followers...with all those freeeeeeee books from the book tour...please..please...comment on what you read. I would love to hear from everyone...dare we call this a book club of sorts???!!! So start posting ..whether you loved it or not...anxious to hear from all!!

Have a fabulous Halloween!!! Muwahahahahahhaaha!

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