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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hell Run and Plain Jane: Brunette's Beware- Cristyn West

(The first of MANY mudpits)

Hola All- Monday Eve...how I despise you...

Well, what a weekend of fun I have had...Hell Run with EYM on Sat morning...true...we only had 5 hours of sleep..but onward we went..to Carnation Wa...there were outfits...ours included (pics are coming) and all kinds of nonsense...and there was fear of the UNKNOWNNNNN....so EYM , Danielle and I got in line...and up a hideous hill we went. There were 20 ft walls, numerous waist deep mud pits (lady- DO NOT GRAB MY SHORTS AGAIN....ever...) and a large river.. River we were not prepared for..EYM feared for her nether regions as the water was more than waist deep..we finished without petite Danielle drowning..Jumped over fire and crossed the painful finish line. Then headed for the long wait to be pressure washed in pain..in which EYM swore at me...a horrid word my little worshipers...to harsh for thy ears...but it resembled ," Pucklard"..change a couple of letters...it was a oldie but a goodie..I froze and headed back to car via shuttle (school bus) . A lovely traveler (east coast frat boy) took pity on my thirst and handed me a bottle (flask) of warm goodness (Irish Whiskey)...No need to go to my 20th reunion peeps...I was doing the same exact thing with the same type of people 20 yrs ago...reunion celebrated. I shine with pride for my EYM who worked so hard to do this and continues to work hard..EYM - The Purple Periwinkle Bandit- you are one of us:)

So during this exciting weekend I read Plain Brunette. The authors name is actually not Cristyn West but Carolyn McCray (http://carolynmccray.com/). Haven't found out why different name was used but check out her site . Lovely, attractive and friendly  looking woman, with a cute little dog in her author pic. Which proves what I have always suspected...people with little dogs are demented and craaaazy!! :)

The book starts with 2 main characters. Detective Nicole Usher and profiler Kent Harbinger. There is a killer of ,"plain brunette's" in the city....and it is creeeeepyyy. Now Nicole and Kent have quite a background together...smoochy smoochy kind of background...but alot of damage has been done and so on. Not your typical boring,"we used to be in love then he wroooonged me" background but one that is actually interesting..Now Nicole has a partner Reuben, they used to be bed buddies but he  was just a fill in. I know this sounds like a Nora Roberts novel but it is not. The relationship is delivered in serious tone without boring you. Soooo, as I laid in EYM's guest room with my reading light knowing the Hell Run is lurking soon, I read the book..People..I was scared..I was scaaaared..It was a Hannibal Lector type of creepy ..which I went to the bathroom 50 times during that movie and refused to go to my car alone after...however, the trophies this killer takes is soooo odd..and I CAN'T TELL YOU....I can tell you this...Kent made me nervous. He really bothered me then I would think ,"who is this intriguing  Maaannn??"..then he would make me feel uneasy again. He really gives his all to the job..ahem. .I did not see the identity of the killer...total surprise..and no one can surprise me. Go and read this book. I would love to hear what others think. I will definitely try more from this lovely (scary) author. Until later!!

                                                                                                                      EYM and I- Pre Filth.........


  1. Anyone having issues posting on this??? Send me a email at soccerma3@gmail.com if ou are..

  2. She has another book on Amazon- I was intrigued by the title and the price was right-$2.99 : "All Hallows Eve- The One Day it's BAD to be Good".... creepy good read- I tried to read after dark but failed miserably.... Check it out...

  3. It worked!! You posted!!! I will...I have a series for you...Sandra Balzo...recommended by Charlaine Harris on her page...something regarding coffee..sounds goofy but really good.