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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stirred...Konrath aand Crouch...post Thanksgiving doom

So Mr. Konrath has teamed up once again with Mr. Crouch for another of my divine Jack Daniels booksStirred (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels/Luther Kite Thriller)

Hello my Worshipers...I have been gone for a while...

How are you all? How what the turkey??? Mine was fantastic...went to FireDaddy's station as he was working...kids terrorized the workout room and let me be. All was divine....let's back track though shall we???

As some of my regulars (sounds like a brothell) know...EYM and I have become 5k ....participates?? We have been trying to hit one a month...can I just say..EYM has lost 20lbs and looks even more glorious ...(who knew that was possible)?

Here is a sample of our Facebook entries regarding the evening before Turkey Trot :

Golden Gardens... Tomorrow... Thunderstorms and wind?? Turkey Trot... Beware of EYM and our Lifeforceeeee! Fyi... This will suck.

ME: i own the coffee and bailey's in a seedy bar after.. cold..morning...I feel my resistance failing....aaaaaaakkk

EYM: Mutha...fuuuuuuuuuuu

THE FAB EYM!!!!! Turkey Trot 2011.....word.

EYM: I don't wannnnnnna.
FireDaddy (aka my husband) : don't wimp out!


ME: we friggin have to!!!! Tdalish will NEVER stop picking on us if we don't.......we will find someone who irritates you that you can mock....wear ur cape...you'll feel better(Please refer to Hellrun blog entry)

EYM:  Im going to lay out my stuff right now

ME: don't go to the site...they just posted design of shirt....dear God.

FireDaddy: your ficken cape!

ME:  ficken???? Tdalish.....sttttoooppp


Needless to say...we did it..we showed...way to damn early...we cursed..we planned on cheating through people's yards...but considering this neighborhood looked like IKEA blew up...we knew the cops would be called. When we got there - I would say there was 20 peeps? Within the next 90 minutes...it went to 2,000 peeps. EYM is doing couch to 5k...last March when this nonsense began, it took her a hour...her time was 37 min and I felt like a proud Mama!! So praise away the Goddess EYM.

Well done soldier, well done.

         ME....Turkey Trot 2011...EYM tends to take the MOST unattractive photo's of me...geez..

Now...on to my review...........

If you would kindly refer to my previous J.A. Konrath review that would be helpful...done yet??

Stirred (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels/Luther Kite Thriller)

Now, first of all let me explain my devotion to Jack Daniel's books...I preorder all..I get giddy when they show up on my Precious (aka kindle)...I drop whatever I am reading when these books show up.

I read this in one day....I am not familiar with Blake Crouch's serial murder books. I read a preface regarding how book would work. There was references throughout book to click on. There would be a summary of who character is...at first I thought..."OH GAWD..this sounds like effort...".

It ended up to be the coolest tool in a ebook yet! Crouch's bad guys were going after my Jack (Jaqueline) Daniels...no clue who they were..the references tied it all together.

Soooo, Luther Kite is a scary , scary man...he is after Jack..who is 48 and pregnant by her 10 yr younger ,"boyfriend"...
Alright Ladies of a cooler age, high five each other...are you done ??? BACK TO ME...

I can't explain how scary this book was...there were rooms.. kind of a monopoly game from hell if you will. Anyone who knows me knows I am a weenie..I can barely get through episode of WALKING DEAD.....However, the writing is so damn good and the book puts you right in there...which was not a good thing for me but whatever.

The next morning after no sleep, I read J.A. Konrath's intro (always go straight to the book)...to find out...hope your sitting...this is the LAST OF MY JACK DANIELS ...how in the hell did I miss that?? HOW??!!! Dare I say, I teared up?? I blame exhaustion, however I was seriously bummed.

There was also a interview between the two authors at the the end. They discussed how they wrote for each OTHER'S characters...heck if I knew...everything flowed so perfectly.....

 To those who have not read any of these books, I advise ,"Whiskey Sour" to start....or you will be lost and emailing me all kinds of questions that I don't want to make time to answer...lalalalalala...

So, in my conclusion..Mr. Konrath- Thank you for writing such a fantastic series. They were funny , scary and uplifting...as I near 40 it was a breathe of fresh air to see a gal who has got it together (mostly) and it still a bad ass... I thank you for your books when I went through my 1st (better be only) major surgery of my existence...they took the stress and anxiety away from reality....

Also, get on your knee's and praise your wife for helping you...she had to..if not, then your the only straight man in the world who seriously knows how women work.

Mr. Crouch- I have downloaded the first in your "Luther" series...I am scared to read it...your writing is fantastic and frightening and slightly realistic....if I lose any sleep due to your terror I will fax you a list of my kid's practices.... you'll be taking them.

Have a good one folks!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger......horrible...
This book event has been something that has been the COOLEST event I have seen in a while...tons...I mean TONS of free ebooks...good news? You have until tomorrow at midnight to get them all, bad news there is ALOT of books.
You better call in sick from work....you look pale...weak...dear God...do you have a fever???  Work with me....I am trying to help you.

You leave a comment on each authors blog. Leave your email - do not forget that or using your PTO will be pointless.  There is also a site for donating money towards sending troops kindles...and also a chance to WIN kindles...

For each book you request, the author sends a troop of your choice or a total a troop that ya don't know a free copy also...kind of like the idea of sending someone I don't know something..but that's me. Come on people...get with it...show  your love....well, and your forgiveness...to me:)

Oh!! And for lose lazy folks (get off Facebook and pay attention...NOW) who did not get Ann Charle's Dance of the  Winnebagos...last chance folks......midnight tomorrow...

Sooooo, I have been neglectful...I know....one kid has started volleyball along with the soccer ...don't get me started..this isn't about my kids..Back to MEEEE!!

Well, I have made it loud and clear about my hate for glittery Tigerbeat Teethers...just makes me ill..seriously. However, a couple years ago I came across this gem of a series.

Don't roll those eyes!!! I know...I know..the cover looks kind of...Smoochy Woochy..I must have looked at this cover 30 times before I downloaded the sample. This book is different folks. Here is a slight summary from author's page:

"Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire."

This woman is boring...boring and a ex federal agent. She was attacked by a vampire...her husband knows but to everyone else she has a skin disorder. Her husband is repulsed by her ...and he gets flat out mean. She has two kids...stay with me folks ,but if this were to really happen the feeling and the descriptions of what she goes through seems so honest and real. You feel for her. The description of having to walk from her house to car in order to pick  up her kids during day  is horrendous. Her insecurity and having to deal with the why and how's are really something to read....anyhow, this is a book about vampires so there is some excitement. She continues to work as a self employed PI...the characters in these books are fantastic. You don't like them all by any means but they never bore you. The 5th book is coming out in December and I am ready. I believe I read all 4 in 8 days. Give them a whirl, you will not be disappointed...and the big surprise...J.R. Rain...is a man..I know...I don' get it either. He certainly does..fantastic writer.