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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day!

Todd and Gwyn (3 yrs ago)
Happy Father's day everyone!!
Hope it is a good one...weather here is revolting as always...seriously..summer is not coming...what happened to global warming??

So as I prepare to end my glorious 2 days off to go back to being a work slave I reach out and ask you all to send in your recommendations for books. People- I have forced soccer tourn to attend...against my will. I need ..I want...distractions. Please pass around this blog if you find it remotely entertaining. Got anything to whine or bitch about- I welcome it! Let it go! Raising teenagers? Dealing with family?  Nighttmare coworkers? Bring it. Bring it all- but bring me a book while your at it.

Have a great day Dad's- especially my husband , who tolerates my nonsense and who makes parenthood look easy...whatever:)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Phone blogging

Ir's a beautiful November day in Wa ..Just kidding..it's June and it sucks. This weather is hideous and I am not looking much better. Lazy and reading..all day..heaaaven. Anyhow..for those who do not know about Pixel.com...get on it. Free books daily. You will become a junkie...seriously. Some books are gross. Some are great..but only cheap for one day. So get on it.
Happy Father's Day all! Have a good one to all the fantastic Father's.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday June 17, 2011- 8th grad grad

Oldest kid just got back from 8th grade grad...she just announced slow dancing was,"boring". How I long to believe this nonsense.....my mind would love to think that my 14 year old daughter is soooo above these urchins...aka 14 year old boys...but alas...I know...I know...she is a liar..and a lousy one...WHERE IS MY WINE GLASS DAMNIT!?  Found it....onward we go.

Soooo...on recommendation from one of my readers (thank you for reading..I don't feel so lame)..I started Brother of the dagger..or Dagger brotherhood?? Oh hell- JR Ward wrote it. Entertaining...severely smutty but at least these people like each other...these 6"5" God's are somesort of brotherhood of vamps...they were Born this Way Baby...hello wine. Anyhow, God knows I love a tall boy- being 6ft tall, I would. Like I said- beach reading...women bug the hell out of me as they seem to like the whole,"alpha male thing". Sadly, I am on 5th one...and i like this one..yeah,,the smut..the smut..kind of like one of those hideous Nora Roberts novels but you get bitten...anyhow, this gal is some Surgeon who is disgusted with this certian Vamp crime fighter...and she swears..alot..Loooooveee her...being Irish I do enjoy a good swear word...Feck is F&^k in Ireland fyi...sadly I said this ...and practially got slapped by a very irsh catholic women...whoops...apparently I am not the only brilliant gal around.

Now- to give you a severe break from the smutty nonsense (seriously- lighten up and laugh..the scenes are hysterical...the names she gives things KILL ME) there is a enemy.."The Lessors- evil walking undead who want to kill our gorgeous boys...blood gore..all that crap.

JR Ward- ex lawyer...apparently a ex chief of staff in a major hospital..who is a smutty..smutty gal, but manages to make it fun...and make you thank Jesus that you have a kindle so NO ONE can see what your reading.

Embrace your trashy reading wants...you know ya want to.

Now- on to serious notes...anyone read ,"Room"? Haven't read it...let me know..