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Sunday, January 22, 2012

H.T. Night Vampire's and Flirting With Death...Ohhhh myyy..

Well here I type from my deathbed. I hope your sitting..I managed to get a head cold last Friday. This  breaks my 2 yr streak of NO ILLNESS...FireDaddy commented that I am only allowed one day a year to be ill. Apparently, I am a giant pain in the ass. Time was not wasted. Between my whining, nose blowing and demanding...I managed to get caught up with Arrested Development on Netflix and read a dozen books or so. When I practically coughed my way to the great white light..I knew I had my question for God...why...why was Arrested Development cancelled??? WHY???!!!!

$2.99 on Amazon folks...come on!!!!!!
 Anyhow, I read a wonderful series by H.T. Night called ,"Vampire Love Story Books". H.T. Night is the brother of J.R. Rain....hold on..I knew you saw the word Vampire...GET BACK HERE!! I know..I KNOW. However, these were different......

Josiah is a kid who gets attacked- becomes a vampire. He has lost his family and is living with his buddy who is a fellow MMA fighter.  There are werewolves and there is all kinds of violence and mayhem. For you smoochy lovers there is romance for you too. These books are classified as, "paranormal romance"...aaack. The ,"romance" is not overkill. I did not throw down the kindle screeching.."OH COME ON!!!". There is actual strategy to their ,"battles". You learn what makes the characters tick...good and bad. I read these in 2 days. They are that addictive. I especially enjoyed the fact that there were folks that were of the supernatural nature and were not happy about it. Gave the characters a little humanity...did that even make sense? Must be the nyquil talking. I wish these were classified as ,"paranormal". When books are listed as ,"romance" I know I tend to think for the ladies only. Both men and women would like these books. .

If FireDaddy actually read I think he would like these...

Is it wrong that I like like romance written by men more than women lately?? Hmmmm....$2.99 for all 5 you have no excuse...buy it NOW..(before price gets raised later in the week and you send me a seething email..).

Next on the list was Flirting With Death (Assassins Anonymous-Step 1) by Heidi Hall.....

$3.99 at Amazon....hurry up and grab it!!!!!!!!!

 Now this was a fun book! Kayla McKenna is a assassin for CIA. Operation goes wrong..she is asked to take early retirement. Kayla can't remember what happened as she was shot and found with nothing but a bullet hole and expensive necklace (there's worse ways to go right?).

Her Dad was murdered by terrorists, her Mom is a online shopping junkie and brothers are all cops. She also has them all convinced she is a IT specialist and that's it. She grew up with a sense of right and wrong, no in between. Considering I was voted most likely to pull the trigger without remorse by a group of friends, I understand how she thinks. She gets a lovely severance check that she doesn't cash as she knows something is just not right.

She meets a nice stable man, and remembers one who wasn't so stable. He had a lot to do with her career failure. I realize this may sound like a Lifetime movie special but it's not. This was fun. Well written and fun.

So give these books a whirl. For crying out loud...7 bucks and you get 6 books???!!!

Don't be a loser, get the books.

Happy Monday - Eve folks!

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