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Thursday, April 19, 2012

'Idol Hands'- Cynthia Hill

Hello All-

I greet you from the disgusting , vile , wet Washington weather. Yep. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.
I almost hate it as much as that hideous song by The Wanted (yes..I had to look it up..)...which I hear constantly.

I have teens...the only part of their annoying tune that makes me smile is one line..and it goes like this, "Hand you another drink. Drink it if you can". You'll have to hand me more than one...gah!!

I speak of this as my review is Idol Hands by Cynthia Hill...Do not judge the book by it's cover..DO NOT!!!

"Tara can pinpoint the moment when everything in her life changed: it was when she fell in love with Aidan Forrest - who just happened to be a part of the biggest boy band in the world, Idol Hands. She spent two years as his "secret girlfriend," hiding from the media to protect his career, until he broke up with her, breaking her heart, and leaving behind a secret that Tara has never shared.

Fourteen years after their breakup, she's in a bad marriage, and a dead-end job. When she sees a television documentary in which Aidan confesses that he still loves her, she makes a life-changing decision: she leaves her husband to go and find Aidan. With no real plan of attack it's not going to be easy, but Tara knows that she can't give up" (Amazon description)

Idol Hands...what can you say? At first it looks like a silly Bridget Jones story: some adult woman had a fling as a kid with a New Kid on the Block type. She is stuck in a boring marriage..blah..blah.

One night, she is watching some documentary on the boy band. She hears her old boyfriend say he had always loved her. Off she goes, four hundred bucks in hand, ditching her husband and heading across country to find what she assumes is love of her life.

The woman is a compete narcissist .The book is written in journal form. I completely made the assumpton that she was a goofy, immature, Tigerbeat-magazine-loving nitwit. I rolled my eyes so many times I'm amazed I could close them to sleep.

I had to hang in there to see what happened.

Somewhere in the middle, this book takes such a extreme turn, it is jaw dropping. I can't say much more as it would give all away, but I am begging, pleading for someone to read this book and discuss. I finished this a couple weeks ago, and I am still thinking about it. Dare I admit, I even emailed the author with a "Holy $$%&! What was that?"
 This book was amazing. It will stay with you for a while. Read it. . .now.

I'm waiting...

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