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Thursday, May 3, 2012

'The Cinderella Blues' by Obren Bokich

Hello Minions.

It is Friday -Eve. It can't come soon enough. What are your plans?

Honestly, I don't care, for I have none.

I know this, I have no soccer. That's right, no soccer games. I am free. Well until Tryouts start on May 18th, then I am doomed.

Another year of fun, fun, fun awaits. Oh what ever shall come? Traveling to exotic lands like Spokane? Or dealing with Super Sport Stud Parents... With so much to look forward to it is a wonder I have not slipped into a deep depression with out the fun for a weekend.

There has been rumors of a tournament in Vegas next Thanksgiving. The positive? One less family holiday to deal with. Can't beat that.

Shall we point out the negatives? Oh where shall I begin?

1.  I hate to fly, hate it. I once saw a airplane mechanic use Gorilla Glue to stick  something on the wing prior to take off. Seriously.         

2.  Money... to go to Vegas for U-16 girls soccer. If you can't see that as a issue then remove yourself from my blog immediately.

3.  Going to Vegas with 16 year old girls. Why do I even need to explain this to you?

4.  Someone said I would chaperone? Unless the hotel doors can be locked from the outside only, then I'm out.

5.  This is a college recruiting deal. I can't handle the atmosphere, I can't. Plus, what am I doing there?  I am much to young to have a kid that would need to be looked at by college recruiters, right??    

6.  It's Vegas. I love Tequila, but Tequila does not love me back. Enough said. Child witness's to this would not be appreciated.

So I will enjoy this weekend. Hopefully...now on to the review!

‘The Cinderella Blues (Thuh Sin'-dur-rel'-uh Bluze)n.

1.The phenomena whereby otherwise intelligent, capable, successful professional women are convinced they need rescuing by a prince’ (Amazon Description- not much, I know)

This story contains no sparkly vampires or over muscled alpha werewolves. Mind readers need not apply.

In all my years (not so many so hush up), I have NEVER used this description. This book was a delight.

Kat is a 30 yr old who has what I consider Cinderella Syndrome. She believed Disney was telling her how life would work. Wait and prince charming shows up. You know the drill. For the next fifty+ years every moment will be a love fest of such grand proportion you shall have no worries from this day on.

You just have to suffer till he shows. Do remember folks, if it wasn’t for Walt I never would have learned what,” chronic frozen state” meant….but I digress…

This woman gets in car accidents constantly due to her wandering imagination. These daydreams go from Swashbuckling Pirates to James Bond…and reality sneaks in, and it is FUNNY. Her bus trips alone are hysterical and sadly, familiar.

You know who you are creepy man on Metro Bus from 1992, I hope you are still limping.

She invests time in her attractive boss, which has an interesting finale to of course the Prince. He isn’t the obvious Prince, but that is what makes the story so fun.

There are some interesting family dynamics, and the possibility of a ghost (it’s sweet so back off).

Bodice Ripping Swashbucklers, not a lot of hot and heavy in here but enough to keep you sickos entertained.

Prudes, you can skip confession , just say one rosary.

The story was a little slow to start but hang in there. There are some serious LOL moments…lots of fun in this one.

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