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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and Prologue Crime Books

Hello All- Happy Memorial Day!

Well, it is a lovely 60ish muggy typical Washington day. Before I sound like Debbie Downer we did have a heck of a Saturday where I (hope your sitting), I  burned the back of my neck reading my kindle on the porch..it was lovely....

Even with the  1,000 books I have on my kindle , 1,000 is just not enough. In my sun drenched laziness I cruised to the ole Pixelink.com . So many free books folks. I call it porn for reading tramps.

Came across this cool retro- like cover. Well, of course I must have it. Went to Amazon site..reviews were 50/50 (authors..reviews are EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING!). Still- book was free, and the cover was as cool as you can get (please refer to previous post on  why you must sell your soul to the Devil for a decent cover).

'One slut deserves another

While her husband was away, Rita Sharpe would play. Sometimes with her stupid but strong gardener. More often with slick Norman Williams. Yet she was no worse than bosomy Sandra Thomas! Sandra slyly cheated with practically every man who came along . . . not excepting Rita’s own rugged spouse . . .

His name was Fred, and he was perfectly willing to make the most of a wife—anybody’s wife. He could not foresee that thanks to smooth Norman, the cozy situation would explode into a frenzy of hate and wild brutality. In the end Fred was forced to deny both Rita and Sandra—and gamble his life on the sinful need of still another unfaithful woman!' (Amazon description)

Whoa...wait, the description makes it sound like some cheap soap. One slut deserves another??  FAAAANNTASTIC!!! This book was crazy. There were evil, no conscience Diva's, there were sweet, stupid morons and there were housewhores..wives..whores...whatever.

There is murder, insanity and a lot of fun. The time is 1950's and the book is descriptive enough to get a clear picture of scene and time.

Swashbuckling Pirate Smoochies...there is enough smut to keep you in Fabio grossness heaven.

For Sr. and Father Prude- brace yourself. It's a lot of before, but fades out during, so you'll only feel the need to say half a rosary.

Long ago I watched Payton Place-  old movie. I had to see what was so racy. Much to my surprise, considering the time it was made, it was extremely ...sleazy.

This book was written in 1958 by Orrie Hitt.

There is a website dedicated to this author's books called "Orrie Hitt : The Shabby Shakespeare of Vintage Sleazecore".

Awesome. Truly.

The second book ( I paid good money for) from from Prologue books is...drum roll....


These were nice kids, model kids. They didn’t wear leather jackets and roam the streets in “wolf packs”; they didn’t steal and mug for dope. For kids, they were well mannered and quiet. They were attractive and nicely dressed. You’d have welcomed them as next-door neighbors.


one raped

one murdered

one killed by fire

What got into them? What dark thoughts tormented them when they were alone at night? '
(Amazon description)

Dope?? Hee hee...

This book was written in 1959 by Vin Packer (also known as M.E. Kerr, Ann Aldrich, and Marijane Meaker.)

Think Rebel without a Cause + Quentin Tarantino = The Twisted Ones.

This book was fantastic. There are three characters who have one person in common.
Mommy Dearest.

These women threw Dr. Spock's baby book to the side and read, "How to be THE ONLY woman in your son's life" by Mother, of Norman Bates.

The story was crazy, bothersome and twisted. Yet like a bad car accident you can't look away.

I strongly recommend looking into Prologue's books on Amazon. There are tons to choose from. I am sure I will manage to read every single one. Great way to spend a weekend.

Most importantly, today is Memorial Day so please  remember to give thanks today to all the service men and women , past, present and future. Today is their day. Thank you.

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