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Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Jackrabbit Junction Jitters" by Ann Charles

Hello All...well, where do I start??

It has been a fun summer so far..until this week. After a lovely week of vacationing in Idaho we return to soccer...soccer...soccer. ...

I managed to go to ,"Book Club"..aka Magic Mike with my best friend..Robin (fyi-owns I DO BRIDAL..look it up). Robin and I were buddies in High school. I believe we became friends over the embarrassment of being 13 yr old freshman..Move forward a few years...alright..MANY years and we still seem to behave somewhat similar. Only with mortgage's, kids, husbands and work.

We are that cool.

So off we go to Magic Mike. I'm not going to lie, I needed a drink as I was slightly horrified attending this..Book Club. Wall to wall women with one victim (man). We were in the cool crowd. I would say the average age of those around us were 45- 50ish and fun. I only got snippy with one woman but that was due to falsely accusing me of giving the seats to someone else after telling her no. As the fun women apologized for causing any problem I loudly proclaimed, "Oh please, I have kids in select soccer, I deal with bitchy Mom's daily". Could have done without the laughing...and clapping...none the less ..the credits begin...

So did the cat calls! Dear Lord, nothing had happened yet, it was just words at this point! Robin was smart enough to pack our own beverage to put in our coke's...(just like high school!- kidding Dad!!:). Unfortunately she was so busy watching the well choreographed performance of FireDaddy's Brother Husband (think Big Love..in reverse) that she poured much more than she intended.

Apparently there was a plot to this film, not sure what it was. I am a visionary person myself.  Occasionally I did look at the one man in the crowd to make sure he was doing well. Some times he looked amused , sometimes he looked down right terrified . I believe he was brought along for his driving skills as the group of ladies around us had many beverages. All in all it was a fun evening, and FireDaddy should be thrilled that his Brother Husband did so well. He even wore a fireman ensemble. A tribute to FireDaddy really.

On to the review! Well, Ann Charles has come out with another winner. This time it is #2 in the Jackrabbit 
Junction series. Folks, it put the first one to shame. Please refer to my review of her first book....I'm a little offended that you haven't memorized my review word for word but I will try to move on...

Claire is back, raining trouble throughout Jackrabbit Junction in another fast-paced, fun, sexy suspense.

A burglar is on the loose! Claire wastes no time forming suspicions, but she's sidetracked by a treasure hunt.

Even with help from her boyfriend, Claire is swirling in a whirlpool of chaos. Throw her crazy sister into the torrent, along with an angst-ridden teen, a jittery bride, and some randy old men, and Claire struggles just to keep a toehold in the current.

Then her mother arrives ...(Amazon description)

This story brings Claire back and her Grandpa. Grandpa is getting married and his daughter (Claire's Mom) has come along to put a end to it. With her mother comes her sister. Whose driving skills equal a dear friend of mine...who happens to be a DOT engineer.

There are new characters introduced but I found them easy to keep track of. Claire's family was insane but hysterical.

For you smutty lovers there was enough to keep you interested.

For you prudes it did not overpower the book so don't go grabbing your rosaries...

There is a mystery of course. With a who done it that I did not see coming. Everything flows well.  Once again I pulled a all nighter and read it until....3:00 am... I would love to tell who did what, but then you wouldn't read it. It's only $3.99 on Amazon.

Try to get some sleep, your book will be there when you wake up.

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